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  • Kompatibel 4: For BQ 6040L Magic Blød
  • kompatibel 7: For BQ 6040L Magic Tilfælde
  • Design: Mat, Virksomhed
  • Kompatibel 2: Sager Til BQ 6040L Magic
  • Detailemballage: Ja
  • Funktion: Smudsafvisende, Anti-banke, Støtteben, Med Ring Finger, Adsorption
  • Kompatible Mærker: LG
  • Mærke: mmsoso
  • Funktioner: Blød Ryg Tilfældet med Finger-Ring Holder
  • Kompatible 3: Sag Om For BQ 6040L Magic
  • størrelse: For BQ 6040L Magic
  • Kompatibel 6: Blød Silikone Cases Til BQ 6040L Magic
  • Type: Monteret Sag
  • Kompatibel 5: Magnet Mat Protector Case For BQ 6040L Magic

Fundas For BQ 6040L Magic Tilfælde Silikone Sort Soft TPU-Phone Cover Til BQ 6040L Telefonen Tilfælde For BQ 6040L Magic

In 15 days it arrived
Vikabest 1994
Apache Can
Ordered 10.04.21 It came to the Orenburg region 29.04.21 With the seller consulted. Answers clearly and quickly. The cover sits like a cast. The only one is not perfectly made a cutout under the print scan (the cutout is shifted 3mm up) in the photo will be visible.
Sarapetta 2
The cover came up, although the holes are cut slightly krivovato (in the photo it is visible), but you can use it. I did not like that the seller too quickly closes the order, and does not respond to the request to extend the protection period. I thought that the cover was still on the way, and he was already in the mail.

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